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Professional Indemnity Coverage for Small Business*

If you are a business owner that offers professional services, it is crucial that you have suitable insurance coverage. No matter how conscientious or experienced you or your staff are, mistakes or omissions may result in significant damages to your clients, be costly to defend, and result in significant losses to your business.

Professional indemnity insurance may protect you against legal claims for negligence made by clients who believe that they have suffered damages or other losses because of services or advice that you provide.

Whether a lawsuit is merited or not, the legal fees charged by defence lawyers may be beyond the financial reach of many professionals. Professional indemnity insurance covers the legal fees incurred by the policyholder when fighting injury lawsuits. Secondly, it pays the cost of damages or compensation granted by the court.

Smart Professional Indemnity Insurance brokers may be able to help you find suitable coverage for your business at an affordable price from a wide range of Australia’s leading insurance providers.

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Why you need Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance is a practical necessity for consultants and small businesses that provide professional services and advice to their clients and customers. Without it you may be found liable for any damages or losses that your client suffers as a result of a mistake, negligence, or poor advice that you provide. The potential financial losses to your business could be catastrophic and you could even be found personally liable for damages.

Business owners and consultants who want to work for councils, government bodies or large organizations are expected to have professional indemnity insurance before they can be prequalified for any contract. This means that professional indemnity insurance may not just protect you from lawsuits, it may also improve your chances of securing jobs from reputable clients.

Professional indemnity insurance may also help you defend against legal claims for negligence whether they actually or only allegedly occurred. It may include reimbursing for any compensation you are ordered to pay, legal fees involved in defending any claims, and the cost of any investigations required. It may also cover you from claims of breaches of duty (such as fiduciary and confidentiality requirements), damages that were caused by negligent or dishonest employees, breaches of trade practices laws, and the costs of repairing and reputational damage to your business, depending on the terms of the policy.

Small business owners QUESTIONS regarding Professional Indemnity Insurance ANSWERED:*

Professional indemnity insurance is designed for businesses that operate in professional occupations (such as management consultants, engineers and contractors, IT professionals, and other consultants and professionals) that provide professional services and advice to their clients. It is designed to protect the holder from legal claims for negligence by their clients.

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Any business providing professional services and advice needs professional indemnity insurance. Examples include architects, real estate agents, software developers, IT consultants, marketing agencies, business coaches, life coaches, graphic designers, freelancers, project managers, as well as engineers, lawyers and the medical professionals.

When you consider the potential impact of a mistake in a piece of work on a significant project or providing poor advice to a client, the financial impacts may be enormous and if you are not protected you may be personally liable.

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The cost of professional indemnity insurance varies significantly depending on the industry or field you work in, the size of your business, and the specific risks it faces. In some cases, the amount of insurance coverage required may also be mandated in legal and industry requirements required for you to operate.

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Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policies are both designed to protect your business against legal claims for negligence that result in claims for damages. Public liability insurance may cover you against claims of negligence made by a third party (a member of the public) who has suffered physical injury or property damage while professional liability insurance may cover you for claims of damages that result from the services and advice that you provide to your clients.

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